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Top 10 Hijab Misconceptions

Top 10 Hijab Misconceptions

Do you have ears? Can you hear well with that on? Do you ever take that off? Sounds familiar? Well these are just a few of the questions that Muslim women who cover get asked. So many misconceptions about the hijab that I asked my Instagram audience what were some of the craziest things that they have been asked as "Hijabis", women who wear the Islamic headscarf. Some of the answers were funny, some of were downright rude and others just plain ignorant. 

The following were some of the most common misconceptions. Topping the list was: 

1. Do you shower/ take a bath with the hijab?

Hijab misconceptions  Oh yes it a shower and laundry in one lol.  Like who showers with their clothes on. Common sense really. We don't cover our hair when we are home unless there was a non-mahram present i.e. a male who is not your husband, brother, father or father in-law present. 

2. Do you have hair?/ are you bald?

Yes we have hair. The majority of us don't cover our hair for cosmetic reasons. Most if not all of us have hair. However we are regular people and we have hair issues like every body else. We have bad hair days, bald spots for some thinning hair etc...

3 How many colors of this thing (scarf) do you have?

This one made me laugh. I personally have a lot but because I like to wear colorful clothes. Some hijabis will have every shade of one color for example nude or pink. The colors are a personal choice. 

4. "I bet you let your hair get greasy because no one has to see it"

No just No. Hygiene is one of the most important parts of being a Muslim. Our families have to see our hair, and we do have to be presentable for them. 

5. Don't you feel hot in the summer?

Yes like every other human on the planet. Some of us might handle warmer weather better than others, but if it's really hot out we all feel if the same way. 

6. "Why are you wearing a towel on your head?" 
Now I think this is the most disrespectful one out of all of them. 100% of hijabs don't look like a towel, not even close.

7. Do you wear the Hijab to bed?

No I don't personally. However someone wrote that some women might wear the hijab to bed because they wanted to read the Quran before they fell asleep and forgot to take it off.  Also some ladies might cover their hair with a bonnet when they go to bed, this has nothing to do with the hijab. 

8. Has your dad seen your hair?

Craziest questions hijabi's get asked😂😂😂 Lol yes he is the chief mahram if their was one, so yes dads see their daughters without the headscarf.

9. You know every hijabi in the world?

No. Do you know every non hijabi in the world? We will however greet one another on the street because greeting a fellow Muslim will give you good deeds and is recommended in our Religion. 

10. Do you have to marry me if I see your hair?

No we don't have to marry anyone we don't want to. Force marriages are Haram (not allowed). They are a cultural thing, not an Islamic thing. 

I know there so many more misconceptions about the scarf. What are some of the craziest and weirdest things you have been asked/told? If you not a Muslim, what are some questions you might have about the scarf? Comment below and please share with your friends Muslim and Non Muslims. Hopefully this will help with some of the questions that they might have. 

All Credit for the drawings go to a kind sister @tikatoons on instagram. Please ask her for permission before reusing any of the drawings. 

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