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by muslimahaven Admin

       Being born in a Muslim country, it is surprising to know that more than half of the Muslim women do not wear a hijab. I grew up never even thinking about it as a part of a daily life yet we prayed 5 times a day, fast and do all of the Muslim obligations. The people who wore the hijab on a daily bases were seen as these really holy people that are called "Ibadou".

        So i carried on with my life moved to America, graduated college, got married to a Muslim man. I never thought to learn about my religion just knew some verse of the Quran for prayer purposes, I would just recite them from memory, never thinking about the meaning of what I was reciting. Towards the end of my college days, I did contemplate a lot about covering my hair, I would wrap my hair from time to time, but not all the time. Fast forward a few years, I had a child, than 2 months later the biggest life changing moment of my life occurred: the sudden death of my mother in law who was only 60 years old at the time. She was healthy, retired and enjoying life. This really had me examine the purpose of life and just made me start learning my religion. 

          I started listening to religious lectures, and Alhamdoulillah my eyes just opened up to a lot of things. I started reading books and just basically learning about my Deen. The more I learned the more things started making sense to me. I then took my decision to start wearing the headscarf, and let me tell you it has freed me from so many societal pressures. Overall I am just very comfortable with where I am today and thank Allah for guiding me and making it easy for me. I did get treated differently by certain people, but overall it has been a positive experience for me. 

How old were you when you started wearing hijab? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading 

muslimahaven Admin
muslimahaven Admin

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